This mural needs YOUR VOICE.

To get the most of this living mural, you can click on a photo to enlarge its visibility and view the behavioral health condition that each individual must confront. After viewing the mural, don't forget to watch David's story below and view the text / info-graphic to see how you can help stand up to behavioral health stigma.

"We are Behavioral Health"

Get Involved*

Did you know that for many people it can be scary or overwhelming to discuss their own behavioral health? Some cultures are not as open to acknowledging behavioral health as real or something that needs to be cared for. It is easy for individuals who do struggle with behavioral health conditions to feel stigmatized or rejected because of the negative beliefs surrounding behavioral health.

The Behavioral Health Committee - with help from our Public Health Research Associate, Ayanna Smith - has been working to formalize this virtual living mural to reduce stigma around behavioral health and the use of behavioral health services. We hope that those who participate will feel free to share as much or as little as they desire and know that by stepping up they may inspire someone else to step out.

Please encourage others to participate by sharing this information with people you know. We are also looking for individuals (especially diverse community leaders and local celebrities) to consider participating in a video interview that would allow for an even greater impact. If you or anyone you know is interested in contributing to the mural, please scroll down for directions.

Healthy Cleveland Behavioral Health Living Mural Infographic

Stand up to stigma.

  1. Write

    Write your behavioral health story—in a word or two—on a white piece of paper (i.e. depression, alcoholism, bulimia, etc.)
  2. Photograph

    Take a picture of yourself holding the paper (ask a friend or family member to snap the photo for you)
  3. Send

    Send the photo to us in one of three ways:
    • DM us your picture on Instagram

    • Post to your Instagram with the hashtags #WeAreBehavioralHealth & #ThereIsNoNormal

    • Post to your Instagram and tag @healthy.cle in the photo

  4. Share

    Share this campaign with family and friends! Encourage people to get involved in breaking down stigma.

Interested in being featured on our website?

In addition to having your photo appear on Instagram, you have the opportunity to appear in the featured mural above! We'd love to showcase your photo on our website and other media. If you'd like to be featured, please email your photo and this release to Be sure to attach both the photo and signed release to your email.

*We're honored to have you involved in this project. Please note that by following the instructions above in uploading your pictures to Instagram, you are operating within the "space" of Instagram and must adhere to its community guidelines.