Are you interested in learning more about behavioral health?

Behavioral Health Tri-fold

View this easy-to-read tri-fold to learn more about behavioral health and how to seek help if you need it.

Are you looking for someone to speak on a behavioral health topic?

Speaker’s Bureau List

View this list for contact information of behavioral health experts who may be available to speak at your educational events.

Are you or a loved one interested in overdose education?

Project Dawn

If you or a loved one are at-risk of opioid overdose, this program could be the difference between life and death. Project Dawn offers walk-in clinics that show how to recognize an overdose and properly administer Naloxone. Naloxone is a rescue medication used to temporarily reverse an opiate overdose on the common opioids of heroin, OxyContin, methadone, Percocet, and Vicodin.

Would you like to engage with behavioral health advocacy organizations?

Big Elephant

Big Elephant's mission is to "create better lives by opening minds and resources for those living with mental health and substance abuse problems." The organization's name says it all! When it come to the topic of behavioral health, there is often "a big elephant in the room." As an organization, Big Elephant believes it's time to talk about behavioral health.

Mental Health and Addiction Advocacy Coalition (MHAC)

MHAC "fosters education and awareness of mental health and addiction issues while advocating for public policies and strategies that support effective, well-funded services, systems and supports for those in need, resulting in stronger Ohio communities."

MHAC "is a place where diverse interests come together, speak with a common voice, and work towards guaranteeing access to quality services and supports for individuals with mental health and addiction disorders."

National Alliance on Mental Illness Greater Cleveland

"NAMI Greater Cleveland is dedicated to empowering persons affected by mental illness and their family members to achieve a better quality of life by providing them with support, education, referral and advocacy."