• Bay Village Police Department, Community Room (map)
  • 28000 Wolf Road
  • Bay Village, OH, 44140
  • United States

A walk or bike audit is a planning tool used to assess transportation conditions along corridors, with an emphasis on walking and cycling safety. It can determine pedestrian or bicyclist safety issues in neighborhoods or along corridors, and can identify problems using local knowledge and professional expertise.

At this training, attendees will learn:
• types of walk and bike audits;
• how to lead an informal walk or bike audit in your community;
• what resources and tools are available;
• guidance on data collection, audit planning, public participation and results interpretation; and
• how walk and bike audits can create positive community change.

Attend if:
• you want to improve transportation safety in your community;
• your community is developing a school travel or other transportation plan;
• your community has streets, roads, or corridors that could be more walkable or bikeable if safety issues are identified and addressed; and
• you want to learn a skill that can assist in community, transportation, and land use planning.

During training, instructors will lead participants on a walk or bike audit at a nearby location that poses safety challenges to pedestrians and/or bicyclists. Please dress for the weather and be prepared to walk about one mile.

Contact with questions: Kate Moening at 216-241-2414, x285 or kmoening@mpo.noaca.org