Join in the discussion on how to make Cleveland a global leader in sustainability 

Every year, Mayor Frank G. Jackson assembles nearly 600 members of the Cleveland’s business and community leaders, government officials, students, labor force representatives, and residents for the Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit. At the Summit, attendees will work to develop action steps in order to help transform Cleveland into a global leader in sustainability by the year 2019. The Summit will also be an opportunity to report in on collective efforts and progress on sustainability. 

Please join Sustainable Cleveland at this year’s 8th Annual Sustainable Cleveland Summit on September 21st and 22nd, and the Public Auditorium located at 500 Lakeside Avenue. Registration is open for either one or both days. The Summit will open at 3:00 pm on Wednesday September 21st with a presentation of awards and a Summit keynote workshop led by Gil Penalosa, followed by a reception taking place at 6:00 pm. Gil is a renowned expert in advising communities on the use of parks and streets as great public places, as well as sustainable mobility such as walking, riding bicycles, new use of cars, and public transportation.

Day two of the Summit will be a day full of visioning, design, and action planning centered around the current and upcoming celebration year topics of Sustainable Transportation and Vibrant Green Space, as well as advancing the Cleveland Climate Action Plan, which incorporates the topics of: renewable energy, local foods, energy efficiency, zero waste, clean water, vital neighborhoods, and engaged people.

The last seven summits have proven that Cleveland can being to create an economy that supports a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous city. 

Please register for the Summit by September 7th, 2016 to avoid any late fees at: