On September 25, 2019, over 400 people attended the premiere of Toxic: A Black Woman’s Story at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Playing to a packed theater, Toxic showed its muscle as a powerful tool for discussion around racism, toxic stress, and birth outcomes.

While a great deal of positive feedback is pouring in regarding the film being powerful in itself, the goal always was (and still is) to package the film with a companion discussion guide.

Thanks to a meaningful partnership between the Healthy Neighborhoods Committee of the Healthy Cleveland Initiative and the PAIL Committee of the First Year Cleveland Initiative, the text for the Toxic discussion guide is nearly complete. We’re thrilled that this guide has been enhanced by the expertise of Debra Adams Simmons, Executive Editor for Culture at National Geographic Magazine.

What’s Next (Tentative Timeline):

  1. Happening Now - The dedicated Toxic website is live and will continue to post new pages and updates in the coming months. You can sign up for film updates upon landing on the site.

  2. November 2019 - The finalized text of the companion discussion guide will be submitted for graphic design by YOUR STORY ON FILM.

  3. December 2019 - The film and companion discussion guide should be ready for sale on the Toxic website. Health care providers, policy makers, and academic institutions - both local and national - will be encouraged to purchase the film / discussion guide package and facilitate meaningful discussions at their respective organizations. The majority of proceeds will benefit efforts funded by the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Committee.

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