Healthy Cleveland’s Health Literacy Committee is hard at work preparing for provider outreach through a train-the-trainer health literacy model. This work will satisfy the first of the Committee’s two goals: promote health literacy best practices for providers and organizations through training and consultation.

Committee members have been reviewing and practicing presentation skills using the standard health literacy training presentation from Committee Chair Karen Komondor. This presentation was developed through the Health Literacy Institute at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center (SVCMC) and is all-encompassing for health literacy training techniques. Trainers will be able to tailor each program to meet the needs of the organization. This would include adding additional time for hands-on experiences such as role play to demonstrate teach-back techniques, plain language exercises or review of written education materials. The Committee is currently investigating the opportunity to provide continuing education credits for the training.

Committee members “in-training” will observe a health literacy training in-action with Komondor for the Visiting Nurses Association for additional ideas and experience, and then will demonstrate their competency levels before providing the training on their own.

HL Plain Language.gif

Additionally, Komondor represented SVCMC and the Healthy Cleveland – Health Literacy Committee at the 2019 Ohio Public Health Combined Conference in Columbus on May 15, 2019. She presented about the scope and implications of health literacy challenges, as well as strategies healthcare professionals could use to improve communication with patients/clients to ensure understanding and improve health outcomes. This was an overview of the information reviewed during a hands-on training event.

Komondor also had the opportunity to share information about the Health Literacy Champions Toolkit, developed by the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy and the Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors which takes local health departments through a step-by-step process to evaluate current health literacy practices and set goals with actionable steps for improvement. The Cleveland Department of Public Health is the first health department in Ohio to begin this assessment and is looking forward to the process!

Healthy Cleveland is currently looking for organizations who would like to receive the health literacy techniques training. The Committee is hoping to reach healthcare providers who work in home visiting organizations and those who serve under-resourced populations. However, any organization who is interested in bringing health literacy best practices to their workforce will be considered.

Would you like to bring this FREE training to your office? Interested in joining the committee or becoming a health literacy trainer for yourself? Reach out to us HERE!