Experience a Close Call on the Road? Report It!

Have you experienced a road hazard or a close call crash? Report it to Vision Zero Cleveland to help remedy the situation and create safer streets. The Data and Evaluation Subcommittee of the Vision Zero Task Force created a Hazard or Close Calls Form, currently available on Bike Cleveland’s website, for road users to report hazardous road conditions and locations where they experienced an “almost crash.”

There are some hazardous conditions can be remedied in a number of hours, such as bicycle lane sweeping, and riders should call 311 or fill out the online form to request these direct services. Other close call crash incidents collected from the reporting form can help inform longer-term solutions such as street design and maintenance as Vision Zero Cleveland’s efforts moves forward.

The reporter can be a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a vehicle driver of any kind. The incident can be between any two types of road users as well! You are able to pinpoint your location on the map, share details of the incident and even upload a photo or video if it helps explain what happened. The map on the form shows real-time updates of where others have submitted close calls. Help us spread the word so we can collect incidents and inform change on your streets!

Other Vision Zero Updates

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The Community Education and Engagement Subcommittee, which Healthy Cleveland co-chairs with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, has been learning about the wide range of educational and outreach programming available at the local and regional level for pedestrian, bicycle and driver safety. Additionally, we’re getting ready to reveal the Vision Zero Cleveland logo for all our upcoming branding and outreach. This subcommittee, along each of the other four subcommittees, is in the process of developing recommendations for the Task Force to inform a Vision Zero Cleveland Action Plan, coming soon. Cleveland residents can expect opportunities to engage in the process, learn more about Vision Zero and work together to create safer street environments on which to travel and play.

Questions about Vision Zero Cleveland or the Healthy Cleveland Initiative? Contact us here!