In January 2018, the City of Cleveland introduced emergency Resolution 5-18 and joined numerous other communities around the world dedicated to eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries. This strategy is called Vision Zero, and it claims that traffic deaths and severe injuries are all preventable. The goal is to build human error into transportation design and education so that incidences that occur do not result in serious or deadly consequences. Learn more about the Vision Zero strategy and approach on Bike Cleveland’s website.

Along with our Active Living partner organizations, Healthy Cleveland promotes active transportation: walking, bicycling, rolling, etc. to your destination to increase physical activity throughout the day and improve health. However, travelers on foot or by bicycle are at much higher risk for serious injury or death than motor vehicle drivers when traffic accidents occur. Therefore, this safety issue is also a health issue, and we wanted to be involved! Healthy Cleveland co-chairs the Community Engagement and Education Subcommittee within the larger Vision Zero Cleveland Taskforce. The charge of this subcommittee is:

“To raise awareness and develop buy-in for Vision Zero, we will amplify existing efforts; develop educational activities and accessible materials capable of promoting initiative goals among diverse audiences, and direct equitable campaigns that transform participants into champions for the cause.”

Along with more than a dozen additional community organizations on this subcommittee, the Healthy Cleveland Initiative is dedicated to the cause of creating a Vision Zero Cleveland reality. Resident engagement, transparency, and equity will be at the forefront of our work.

Would you or someone you know like to be involved? Subcommittee meetings occur approximately every 6 weeks. Reach out to us at for more information!