Two major resolutions inform our existence:

The Healthy Cleveland Resolution (Res. No. 257-11), introduced on February 28, 2011, served as the impetus for igniting what would become the Healthy Cleveland Initiative. It provided objectives identified by our Mayor and Health and Human Services Chairman, Councilman Joe Cimperman, as well as our four major hospital systems. The objectives sought to improve the health of our residents and reduce the over 20 year lifespan differential that exists in some neighborhoods of our city as compared to neighboring suburbs.

The Healthy Cleveland 2.0 Resolution (Res. No. 978-13), introduced on July 10, 2013, provided renewed direction, recommendations, and momentum for the initiative, supported by the work of identified subcommittees that were charged to address the health conditions that most impact the overall well-being of our citizens.

View the presentation below to learn about the progression of Healthy Cleveland from 2011-2015: