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Call 2-1-1 for help finding a program near you in Cleveland. Hablan Español.

Articles of Interest

How Does Smoking Affect Sleep? This article describes the effect of nicotine and smoking on sleep hygiene and health.

Breathe Free Streetcard

Check out our printable ‘streetcard’ that identifies the current smoking cessation services available to our residents in Cleveland.

Smoking Cessation Apps

Smokefree.gov has re-designed smoking cessation apps aimed at teens and adults. Click below for more information. Both apps are free and available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

"A free app made for teens who want to quit smoking, but adults can use it too. This app takes the information you provide about your smoking history and gives you tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges to help you become smokefree and live a healthier life."

"A free app that tracks cravings, moods, slips, and smokefree progress to help you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to successfully become and stay smokefree."

Asian Smokers' Quitline

The Asian Smokers’ Quitline is a free nationwide Asian-language quit smoking service operated by the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego. The Quitline offers self-help materials, referral to local programs, one-on-one telephone counseling to quit smoking, and free NRT with refills sent to the smoker's home, free of charge.

To speak with a hotline counselor, call:

Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin): 1-800-838-8917
Korean: 1-800-556-5564
Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440

Are you interested in getting certified to teach Tobacco Cessation Classes?

Visit the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence to find a certification class in your area.

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