Tri-C Goes 100% Tobacco Free

Cuyahoga Community College has adopted a smoke free campus policy at all locations, supporting a healthier environment for all who are on campus through their Breathe Free Tri-C campaign. As of August 8th, 2016, all those on Tri-C’s campuses may not use tobacco products anywhere on grounds, including parking lots and outside of buildings. Tri-C has banned all tobacco products, including but not limited to the use of cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookah products, pipes, oral tobacco, nasal tobacco, and e-cigarettes and vapes. The college encourages all students, faculty and staff to inform others about the tobacco free policy as they work towards a healthier campus and improving individual health. 

For more information on Tri-C’s tobacco free campus visit

Tri-C is also a partner of Healthy Cleveland’s Breathe Free Committee! As Cleveland is a part of the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge, we are encouraging organizations to adopt smoke free campuses to help create a healthier Cleveland. Healthy Cleveland has partnered with the American Heart Association in hopes of getting ten organizations to take the tobacco free campus pledge each quarter.

If your organization would like to go smoke-free, take the tobacco free pledge here:

Please contact Brenda Parks with any questions regarding adopting a smoke free campus via email at