Healthy Neighborhoods Committee's animated video short seeks to engage residents around social determinants of health.

Health is about more than just healthcare. Not only is our health affected by the treatment we receive in a health clinic or doctor's office; it's also affected by our social, economic, and environmental conditions. In other words, where we live, work, learn, worship, play, and grow affects our health. We call these conditions social determinants of health.

But discussing social determinants of health can be complex. So our very own Healthy Neighborhoods Committee saw an opportunity to make the concepts surrounding social determinants of health easily digestible through an animated video short.

1 year in the making... written by an entire committee... without further ado... we give you the official release of Healthy Cleveland's "Do You SEE What I SEE?" Please watch and share!


Did you know local individuals and organizations came together to create this video?

Produced and Directed by: YOUR STORY ON FILM

Made Possible by: The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

Creative Director: Chris Benninger (YOUR STORY ON FILM)

Character Design (Owl): Jeff Harter (Cleveland Institute of Art)

Animators: Christopher Troyer, Sajjaad Ahmad Ali, Tre'Shell Burton (Cleveland Institute of Art)

Voiceover (Owl): Freddy Collier (Cleveland City Planning)

Written by: The Healthy Neighborhoods Committee - Freddy Collier, Chris Benninger, Rachael Sommer, Kris Austin, Sara Continenza, Marka Fields, Julia DiBaggio, Eduardo Muñoz, Melissa Miller, Janice Gonzalez, Toinette Parrilla

Special Thanks: Anthony Scalmato (Cleveland Institute of Art)